Advantages ProTraza

With ProTraza will have the security of knowing the origin and the manufacturing process of the product purchased.

Features protraza

With ProTraza safely and accurately know the origin of the product that is consuming.

With Protraza have access to information from all stages of manufacture of the product purchased.

With ProTraza may find additional information not found in the package as analysis, properties...

With ProTraza can access all product traceability at any time, anywhere.

ProTraza® code can be found in the products

  • OleoCastillo

  • Carrasqueño

  • Las Rentas del Duque

  • Oro Puerta de Arenas

  • Vergilia

  • Los friales de campos

  • Bajondillo

If you have any questions or for more information contact us ProTraza ® through, phone (+34) 957 435 976 or on our website contact.