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Add value to your products with ProTraza, security and information supply its customers.

Value contributed by ProTraza

With ProTraza will differentiate itself from the competition by providing greater value to their products manufactured or packaged.

With ProTraza customers will have the confidence of knowing how the product is manufactured.

Innovative solution

Technical Innovations Award

Technological Innovation Award

Features ProTraza:

  • Access to information via mobile devices and tablets.
  • Access to information via QR codes.
  • Automated generation QR tag.
  • Open system to incorporate data from any traceability system.
  • Several levels of access to information.
  • Access reports product traceability.

The following companies have relied on ProTraza®

  • S.C.A. San Isidro
    Castillo de Locubín

  • S.C.A. Virgen del
    Perpetuo Socorro

  • S.C.A. Agraria Ntra. Sra
    De La Cabeza

  • S.C.A. Virgen de la Cabeza

  • S.C.A. Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario

  • S.C.A. Olivarera La Purísima

  • S.C.A. San Isidro
    Valdepeñas de Jaén

  • Grupo Oleocampo s.c.a.

  • S.c.a. Ntra.Sra. de la Fuensanta

If you have any questions or for more information contact us ProTraza ® through, phone (+34) 957 435 976 or on our website contact.